We are really proud to share with you our first official, organised adventure as ‘The Peak Adventure’ which took part in Snowdonia on Wednesday 19th August 2020.

This was to be a pilot trip to test out this model, which, if successful, will pave the way for us to run future events.

Introducing Mind over Mountain – a wellbeing based adventure.

On this trip a group of like-minded women, each with there own story of challenge, came together to create a single mindset of taking themselves where they have never been before, mentally and physically.

This was not about pushing the boundaries beyond their physical limits, this was about nurture, recognition and support not just of each other but of themselves.

This was creating mindsets, not mountaineers.

The trip was also about connecting with the people and places around us. As well as navigation training, local hikes and practising wellbeing in wild places the group joined up with local conservationists to learn about and take part in some of the vital work going on to protect the area including Rhododendron maintenance and litter picking. This all slots in nicely with the with the nationally recognised John Muir Award which invites participants discover, explore, conserve and share these wonderful wild places. An award which our group will now come away with.

It was a great few days. Despite the weather doing its best to alter our outcomes this group showed a willingness and resilience that really cements our mission to create mindsets not mountaineers. Everything aligned brilliantly to make our first organised trip a successful one. The group have successfully discovered, explored, conserved and shared the wonders of this magnificent wild area and I look forward to handing them their John Muir award certificates. We learned a lot as well and we have plenty to ponder and work on ready for the next trip which we will advertise in the near future.

Check out the video below to see what the group got up too.