“Between every two pines is a doorway to a new world” John Muir

Run by a qualified Forest School Leader our exciting Woodland Adventures can be single or multiple sessions set in stunning local woodlands. Available for a wide age range, participants will immerse themselves in the wonder of our woods taking part in a range of activities including, but not limited to, all of those listed below.

Participants will also get the opportunity to work towards their John Muir Award as part of any multi-day adventures.

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Campfire Cooking

Learn how to successfully build, light and cook on an outdoor log fire in the wilderness.

Den Building

Developing teamwork, communication, problem solving and self-esteem. Den Building is the perfect activity to create a growth mindset.


From charcoal pencil making to wood whittled cutlery you can learn from a range of bushcraft skills.

Wild Camping

Enjoy a fully immersive experience in nature by spending a night under the stars.

Nature walks

Observe, listen, learn and connect with all the wildlife our woodlands have to offer on a mindful walk with nature.

Creative Activities

From fabric leaf printing to creating wooden animals enjoy the process of crafting with natural materials.